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Ok so I'm 16 years old and I can't pull my foreskin over the gland, so I was thinking what should I do?

I tried opening it couple times on this week but now I think the foresikn might rip apart, I saw a small line of skin off, kinda like it was gonna rip apart, though I do not understand why it would since I haven't been forcing it more back than it'd go, therefore didn't hurt, so can it rip apart even when it doesn't hurt me at all?

Since I can't retract it over the gland, I've never washed it so could that be the cause of the skin line problem I explained up there?

Does foreskin retraction come with the other puberty changes? Even though I am 16, I have just started getting armpit fur (just got couple bristles there) and my voice hasn't changed and I get these "voice change attacks" you know like my voice gets extremely high within a sentence.

So I want to know if the small skin line that's off means its gonna rip apart if I practise retraction and if the retraction comes later since my puberty changes are a bit late anyway? I would like to fix this without operation and talking with my parents...

Please answer my questions, I've been stressing about this a hell lot, even haven't gotten enough sleep.

Sorry for my lack of terms, I'm not a native speaker, I'm from Western Europe..

Thanks in advance


Hey, I hear your trouble. I went through the same problem, myself.

Email if you have questions / need advice.

I'm respectable - no weird hanky-panky.



Can anyone see my message I need help