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hey, im 16 and im currently going through puberty, im starting to get facial hair shaving like every week or so and have just started to get hair under my armpits.

I can pull my foreskin back with effort when unerect and my penis is sort of sensetive but i know thats normally, anyway when i pull back my foreskin to show the head there is rolls underneath the head like there is too much skin to go anywhere, im really concious about this so any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated thanx in advanced

will this go away with time as i progress through puberty?

also i cant really retract my foreskin when erect, i cant even get it over the head any help?


When bathing retract the foreskin and clean the head and foreskin with warm water and soap. You will find that in time this will help to retract your foreskin when erect. The roll of skin underneath the head is normal.