Approximately 2 years ago I had a tumorous gallbladder and part of my liver (3 cm) removed, plus some nodes, I believe. Tumor looked and felt cancerous, but lab could find no cancer cells when it was analyzed. A second analysis verified absence of cancer cells. Recovery has been unremarkable and I have done very well, eating normally and voiding normally. Recently, however, I have begun experiencing dull pain and pressure in the upper right abdominal area, just right of the base of my sternum and under the ribs. Did have sharp pains one night last week when I took ibuprofen for an ankle sprain and it was relieved with Pepto-Bismal. Otherwise, pain is more dull-like with a sensation of pressure causing some mid-back discomfort.

Basically, I am a healthy, active, 59 year old female with no other history of surgery or major illness and am of normal weight.

I know I need to see my internist and will, but would like to have some clue as to what might be going on. Also, what might I do now to relieve these symptoms? Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.