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Hello Everyone,

I have been going though all the previous posts to see if my question had been answered. However it wasn't. I was recently diagnosed with chlamydia through a pap smear. My pap smear was takeon on April 27 and the results came back May 9th. I had gone to the GYN prior to April 27 and nothing was wrong. My boyfriend says that he wasn't cheating, I for one wasn't cheating so now we are playing the blame game. Besides sexual intercourse (all aspects) is there a possiblity that it was dorment in bothe or one of our systems. For example I had the bacteria last year but it surfaced last week? Any information will be very helpful.


i am in your shoes as well and i have done extensive research on chlamydia and always end up at a dead end i even tried to find the origin of it and came up empty handed but i myself believe there might be another way to contract chlamydia but no one has foud out what that way is. i also to have been diasgnosed with it but have been in a 110% faithful marriage for more than 10 yrs. and i am terrified that my husbands test might come out neg. but i have not cheated on him nor him on me. so if both him and i have it then we have had it for more than 10 yrs and are just now showing signs. i was also diagnosed with a bacterial vaginosis so i am wondering if the test results were wrong i of course was retetsed and will get the results back on fri. my husband submitted a urine sample last night and will get his results in one week i hope you can get some answers better than i did