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i have been prescribed metformin by my doctor, i have bene really lax in taking this as i tend to forget which is bad of me i know, but im not trying to get pregnant, i have PCOS thats why i was put onto these tablets in the first place but im wondering if they would help me concieve???

if they dont is there anything else i can do naturally to boost my fertillity as i will give anything ago.... my pcos isnt as bad as some cases but i do have lots of little cysts on both ovaries.

any advice and help would be much appreciated.


Metformin is now being studied to start ovulation in a PCOS patient.
These patients have shown increased rates of ovulation while on this medication.
Studies show that more than 34% of these women have acheived ovulation without therapy.
If you want to conceive, you can take Clomid along with the Metformin.
If you insist on conceiving naturally, let nature take it's course.
Watch your cycle, calander your ovulation and hope for the best.