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Hi. I am 26 years old and have been smoking weed for about 10 years now. I took about a year and ½ off, but I basically smoke everyday if I have some. I have been married for almost 5 years and I have 2 children – a 4 month old boy and a 4 year old daughter. I have a very beautiful family and I want to stay with them forever. I have a good entry-level career (Microsoft Marketing) and we have a nice little house and nice cars, and lots of nice stuff. I guess you could say, on the surface, my life is as close to “perfect” as it gets.

My wife does not smoke pot (she never has) and she does not want me to smoke either. I smoked when we met, but after I quit (for the time being) she admitted that it bothered her. I now smoke about 1 or 2 bowls per day from the pipe, at least 6 days a week. I can say that it has definitely affected me (and others close to me) in a negative way.

I have been bouncing from job to job over the last 4 years, very unsure of what I REALLY want to do. I get headaches daily and have to take at least 3 to 4 Excedrin every day. My sinus passages are all screwed up and I have to use a nasal spray every day just to breathe normally (which I dilute with saline solution, to prevent any hardcore damage). I have trouble focusing and usually (unintentionally) tune out whoever is talking to me (wife, boss, daughter, friends, etc), and I usually forget the little details that make ALL the difference. I wake up late almost every morning and have to speed my ass off to get to work, and I get really stressed and can feel my heart racing. I usually show up at least 5 to 10 minutes late every day, which has caused my boss to pull me into a room and rip me apart. I also have a chronic cough (get it?). I have lost any muscle mass that I used to have and now I’m a 6’2” skinny, weak guy with a big spare tire. I am pale and have chicken legs and puny arms, but my waistline is steadily growing from all the midnight munchies. I was hooked on energy drinks for a period of time, but stopped drinking them after my heart began to “flutter” as I was trying to go to sleep each night. I used to be an honors student (even more advanced than honors for some subjects) before I started smoking. I did make the Dean’s List in college during the year I wasn’t smoking. I used to be a hardcore skateboarder, and my only addiction was skating. I gradually stopped skating when I started smoking pot.

I absolutely fell in love with the herb and I still love it just as much. It makes me feel good. It makes me less stressed out. It makes me get more accomplished when I’m high. I’m really lazy and unmotivated when I’m sober. That’s how I know I’m addicted. I tried to go a week without it and I was getting HORRIBLE mood swings and worse headaches. I was just a mess. Then I got more pot and everything seemed fine again. I got high and began to think about my mood swings and was like “wow, I was acting like a complete fool when I didn’t have weed”. It was a scary revelation. I know I need to quit.

Every time I buy a sack, I tell myself it will be my last one. I have even thrown multiple glass pipes and full bags of hydro and shwag (sp?) out the window on the freeway, thinking I was going to give it up for good. But what happens? I make the phone call or text message a friend, I go to the head shop and buy a new piece (usually cheap $10 glass pipes), and I get a dime or maybe a quarter of herb. I’ll splurge for some good dro if I have a reason to celebrate. I’m very conservative with my herb and can make a quarter sack (7 to 8 grams) easily last 3 to 4 weeks, so I only smoke about 2 grams per week, which really isn’t much, but still more than 85% of the U.S. population.

The hardest thing about this situation is that my 2 BEST friends smoke (I’ve known these guys since I was a child) and I usually get them to hook me up. And my 21 year old brother-in-law smokes and has a VERY consistent dealer. I got him high for the first time about a year ago, and now he smokes MASSIVE amounts of herb every day and his life is falling apart. I feel very guilty. I never knew that he would get so addicted. I thought I was doing him a favor because his girlfriend of 4 years cheated on him and he was really angry and depressed. He was drinking A LOT and I wanted to expose him to something less harmful that could help him deal with his pain. I thought maybe he would smoke every once in a while, but I never wanted him to become dependent on the herb. Now he is drinking heavily, smoking heavily, abusing Xanax, and even snorting coke occasionally. I feel like this is all my fault.

As you can see, pot destroys lives. It prevents people from realizing their full potential and causes numerous health and emotional problems. It changes the way people think. It’s just not worth it. I’m struggling every day. I want to quit but I love herb so much and I just don’t know how to successfully quit without totally shutting out my best friends, but I don’t have the self-discipline to stop myself from picking up the phone and placing another order. Please pray for me.


hey man, i know what your going through. . I'm determined to quit this time, and 2 of my best friends smoke as well. Its hard man ! when your life is just consumed by pot heads. And i know the feeling as well when you take that 3rd or 4th hit and exhale, everything is alll good but only for a little while. But congrats to you on smoking 2 grams a week, i would smoke that in an hour. I can relate very much to this because me and a buddy smoked heavily for awhile then before i know it hes robbing houses for oxycontin. Pot really does ruin peoples lives and im tired of justifying it. And as for him, i guess pot took him to the next level because he is running from something. But you gotta focus on you and get clean then help him.

Im struggling with you man but i was throwing up non stop when i tried quitting, then it went away and i was 2 weeks in feeling great ! and my dumb ass self smoked the other night, now i gotta start all over again, but you can do it ! Start with this web site it helped me tremendously

sign the contract for yourself and the most important thing is to find a new way to cope, for me its bodybuilding. So maybe you can use being out of shape as your new shining light to quit. Exercise has changed alot of peoples lives for the better. I hope i helped a little bit and if you ever wanna chat about this stuff e-mail me. Hope everything works out. :-)

"Weed gives people the power of imagination, but takes away the ability to profit from it "


I am one of those pot smokers who is not only a strong proponent of it, but I am also a user. I have smoked pot nearly everyday for at least 6 years. I have quit for long periods (a few months) but always seem to return to its herbity goodness.

I can relate to what everyone here is saying, but I think that it really boils down to the user and the reason they are using to begin with. Sounds trite maybe but it is how i see it.

Everything in moderation.


Quitting smoking is the hard as hell. I try to quit 1 month every year however i have had bronchitos (sp) so i have to quit for a while. However the more i ponder it the more i consider that i need shouldnt start smoking again bc the only reason i did was to self medicate. I have horrible anxiety which ironically is 1000x worse when i dont smoke or am not high. I used to be high 24/7 man when i wasnt high i was high it never affected me much in school i always managed to get like 3.0 at least. However this year i have developed a mental disorder which is causing me to feel even more anxious.
here are some things that you should do to stop smoking
1. Exercise (I am pissed bc i cant run with a bad knee) swim bike walk jog play raquetball
2. Eat healthy start taking supplements
3. DONT REPLACE THE ADDICTION (I am now an alcoholic but so are all my friends I go to the University of IOWA) Drinking makes my stomach feeel even shittier and absorb less of the nutrients i need.
4. DETOX let everything clear out of your system by either using sauna, drinking tea, lots of water or exercising
5. Take time to think about why you started smoking
6. Meditate sounds gay but trust me it works
8. the resolve to quit has to come from within (i like to sit with my buddies when they smoke it relaxes me)
9. Find a new hobby
10. Spend the money on somthing else
Man i am right with you i was a habitual smoker and the more i think about the more i realize my reasons for smoking. I am sure at some point down the road i will smoke again i hope i can make it atleast till summer and just be a now and again smoker.
I do have a question though I have a thousand dollars or so in glass (a rasta roor, and foot and a half steam roler, a bubler, and a couple of spoons) do you think i should just sell that stuff or just let my roomates use it?
Oh one of my friends just started smoking earlier this year I smoked him up his first time its now becoming an addiction. I mean look at your just look at your brother in law look at how it made him. Just take more time to examine your life.
And also realize whatever you do or have done probably increases the chances of your kids doing it. Will they get into harder drugs?
My motivating factors are my health i have had bronchitos, i am becoming schitfrenic (have you ever heard the story about the kid who killed his mother after smoking a joint? its on the history channel why drugs became illigal) anyways smoking pot increases your chances of schitzofrenia if you start before the age of 15 by like 600% seriously research it its scarry as sh*t, being dependant on somthing is horrible it sucks, Im more dependant on marijuana then the adderol i have perscription for
Just think about the costs and benefits of your actions
After quitting for a while you will feel so much better only time will tell
Do your research i spend a couple hours a day looing at sh*t like this to see if other people are going through the same heavy stuff i am.
YOU CAN STILL BE FRIENDS WITH THOSE PEOPLE i almost broke down the other day and smoked and my friend who was ripping a bong was like just think about it? Is it worth it? no it wasnt and didnt end up takng the rip
If your having problems sleeping i would recomend a good nighttime tea, MELATONIN ( alittle white pill it is what your body used to put its self in the natural sleep cycle), or a glass of good old fashioned warm tea, and of course jerking it always gets me right to sleep to lol.
Have you considered professional help aka a phychitrist? or like a group or somthing?
Seriously try the melatonin the right amount of sleep makes all the difference in the world.
I would also say the more chonicy it is the better and less addictive it is. I have tried quiting after smoking schwag for a summer and it was the worst withdrawl i have had and i was still smoking the good stuff. I think it was laced.


true story:

i have been smoking bud for 6 years and along the way lead me to cigs, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, acid, xanax, oxycodine, vicodin, norco, shrooms ecstacy. as you can see weed is the gateway drug. myself was addicted and i started feeling really different. my sense of smell was gone, crappy food tasted good, really became dirty. at the moment i have become pale and noticed it so i stopped smoking weed, doing drugs completely. it has been 8 months now. i am depressed of why my body is treating me like this but it is what it is. Drugs really isnt the answer, i saw myself in 3rd person and wasnt proud.
drugs really put me in the shadow and didnt know what i was doing in life. now i feel free but i have messed up my body so bad that i cant stand it.
dont take your health for-granted, you never know what you have until its gone. i couldnt stop smoking until i found a problem with my health. i hope you find your will power to stop before its too late. take care


I used to smoke daily, for about two years. I finally decided I needed to quit. I just wanted to clarify/compare, and see if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms.

1. Sinus Problems - This is the second time I've kind of tried to quit, and both times there has been a period where at first I thought I had a sinus infection. It now has decreased now, but it still just feels "off", like not normal.

2. Also, I feel when I attempt to workout I become fatigued very quickly, and then I don't feel great afterwards.

3. Digestive/Stomach/Bowel Movements don't seem right. I've often thought maybe I was developing an allergy to some type of food. It would be great to hear someone else who has had similar problems. Some times my stomach just bothers me and it feels like I'm bloated or have a lot of gas, or need to have a bowel movement. It also feels like I don't digest all foods properly.

These are all I can think of at the moment, although I know there are more. Any help or just even confirmation that this is normal would be great!



Haye man,
I know how you feel about the whole quitting thing. My boyfriend is on probation. Both of us are users. He tries quitting then he will get bored and thats when the

Now he is drinking heavily, smoking heavily, abusing Xanax, and even snorting coke occasionally. I feel like this is all my faultQuote:

Comes into my position. My boyfriend cannot stand to stay sober. He used to always stay sober until he started hanging out with the wrong group of people around our house. He would get bored and his friend would give him a line of coke. Then he's smoke cigs. alot. Then he started taking pills. Just the other night he took at least 4 morphine pills, 2 speed pills, 2 pain killers, and 1 loracet and said it was because he couldn't smoke pot anymore that he didn't want to sit around and be bored all day. He drinks non-stop and it does nothing but causes problems between us because he can not control his drinking or poppin' pills. I can tell you one thing, from a women's point of view. Doing sh*t like does drive a women away from you.



i smoke everyday also and i do not drink but i smoke cigarettes and pot. I would like to quit and i keep telling myself i will but i end up doing it anyway. Ive noticed that i haven't talked to my parents without arguing and yelling at them. I get really emotional when im not under the influence. i really need help. :-(


oh please!! I have done a lot of drugs and I started doing them after I drank alcohol!! And u say POT i sthe gateway drug? gimmie a big ass break!!I smoke it still, quit everything else!! Had a bad accident from DRINKING!!! I only smoke pot and I got a's and b's in college!!HMMMM


it starts getting alot easier after the first week, thats 7 days i know you can do it. i smoked grass for year and i havent done it in months nor do i even consider doing it when my one of my ol' friends wants to smoke with me. the hardest things in life can also be the most rewarding things good luck man!



People need to stop blaming marijuana for what is OBVIOUSLY nutritional deficiencies. You feel tired? I dont, and I smoke about 4grams a day. You can't hold a job? Can't figure out what you wanna do with your life? WOW! you must be the ONLY one in the world with that problem! Oh, and it MUST be because of marijuana, not because the world is so screwed that every option seems like a bad one. I knew what i wanted to do with my life when i was 8 years old and have been working in this field for 3 years now. MARIJUANA DOESN'T RUIN LIVES, IGNORANT PEOPLE DO!! Learn about yourself, learn about your body, STOP FALSLEY ACCUSING MARIJUANA FOR YOUR BAD LIFE. EVERY medical thing you described can simply be associated with poor nutrition, which in this country is EVERYWHERE! You might feel off after quitting cold turkey, DUH you spent more time high than sober, OF COURSE you're gunna feel strange when you stop... YOU HAVE TO GET USED TO BEING SOBER AGAIN! Yes, your life might be shitty, but its YOUR LIFE. Marijuana doesn't control you, on the contrary it allows you to better examine yourself and your life. If your life sucks, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, ITS YOUR FAULT, NOT THE DRUGS.



check it out, i am an everyday user of mary jane and have been for over a yearr now. i also have experimented with other drugs however they aren't as concealing as weed. you cant take shrooms and go about your daily activities. i also lift everyday and maintain As and Bs in college. it can be done if you manage your time well. if i don't smoke i do become distressed but if i find another activity to keep busy, the urge to smoke doesn't seem so bad or vanishes all together. i will continue to smoke until i have a valid reason to stop. such as, work, family or financial troubles. in addition, quitting anything you have burned into routine will be hard to end. Even your everyday cup of morning coffee can turn into an addiction. in the end, drugs aren't for everyone and many can become seriously addicted which could lead to life issues. realize for yourself if it affects you and really think about if you need to do it.
p.s. f**k peer pressure; it is really that easy to say NO


I'll be completely honest with you, this scared the c**p out of me. I've never touched weed before, and frankly I don't ever plan to. But a lot of my friends use and to see where it can take you makes me really worried, I've been raised o hold no prejudice against pot and pot smokers alike, but the idea is still mind boggling. I also really like this guy who literally JUST quit smoking (weed not cigarettes) a few weeks ago, he says he's never been happier, but he also just got off probation not long before he quit. He went to juvy and drug courts a number of times in high school for his drug use and if he doesn't stay clean I'm really scared something like this could happen to him... I've seen him high before and he gets worked up really easy and takes everything way too personally. I really don't know what to do as the one on the outside looking in... and seeing a fist hand account of what could happen makes it all even scarier...


Hello guys I came about this via google search lol and just wanted to drop my personal view on this.

I am 19 years of age

(Never would do meth, pcp, herion, ketamine nothing completely retarded)

I had been smoking pot since about 15 or so. I smoked a ***t ton in between that short time-span. I just recently stopped doing just about everything I had done continually. I stopped smoking Cigs and weed aswell as drinking large amounts of cough syrup (pretty hooked for a short time), doing whip its, maybe a pill here or there. All accomplished in about 4 months. 

I "experimented" with alot of drugs in high school and continuing into my first year of collage. I've smoked DMT (the most potent Hallucinogen out there) a frequent number of times. I used to be big into stimulants in High School, Mainly Adderall got hooked on those pretty bad (about 120 mgs each day no script.) I tried coke in that time span. Whilst doing this I smoked weed on a very, very, very, frequent basis. I ended up dropping out after the second semester failing 3 out of my 4 classes, which is funny considering in high school I had a 3.7. But yeah sh*t went downhill afterthat to say the least. 

I continued to smoke pot, hung out with friends with no aspirations, most drop outs themselves who smoked pot EVERYDAY with me. Life at home started sucking, I worked (still there currently) at a c**p job, making a little above min. Only getting about 32 hours a week. Paying rent, paying the phone bill and car insurance and still blowing everything away on drug related ventures. It started sucking, I began to despise everything, I became a shut in for a little, only going to party's at SWIMS house. I felt as if I had nothing else to put forth except rot at my job and wait for the world to end, I didn't want to go back to school or anything I had no idea what i wanted to do...

Then just fairly recently i had enough of it. I just wanted to be done with everything I just wanted to start my life. Get going, get out in the world there is more to it then a bowl pack, a pill and a video game, I can get so much more out of myself. I can find joy without drugs I can be happy and do somthing that matters. I started working out alot, Got husky as hell. I started using the patch and threw away all of my pieces. With my mind clear I could finely think of my future and from what I can tell it looks alright. 

After a few months out of college I pinpointed  my life's path, I wanted to join the military. It was always something I wanted to do, the thought lingered through my mind heavily in High School, but my parents insisted I try college first. I didn't want to disapoint them so I did, I did well first semester, second semester not so much. My mind always went to enlisting. It's all I wanted to do but everybody seemed so unsuportive, Parents(not unsupportive in a sense but scared sh**less to say the least) co workers, friends and even teachers. So I stayed on my horrible path. 

About three months ago I met with an Army Recruiter, After about 2 additional months of cutting weight I went to MEPS to take my ASVAB aswell my physical. I signed the papers to uncle same and awaiting to depart to bct at Ft. Benning. 

11b Infantry 
Suck on that doubters 

Your Friend, Anon



***this post is edited by moderator *** *** inappropriate posting*** Please read our Terms of Use. and the other thing i wanted to point out, you say that "people need to grow up and take some responsibility", well arnt we taking responsiblity in the fact that we are trying to give up marijuana? you twat.">