Can someone maybe give me a clearer picture as to what might be happening, i was cramping and bleeding for 5 days with small clots but it has now stopped ,have i had a miscarriage or is this the calm before the storm. After 4 days i went to hospital they did a scan and said they can see sac ,cervix is closed but no yolk .I have to back on Monday for another scan they say it is maybe to early to see yolk is this true or are they giving me false hope.This is day 5 was bleeding this morning with light cramping and passed a small skinny clot about half the length of my little finger was that my baby

i am 42 and have 3 children prior 22,18 & 16 and did not experience anything like this before. i'm really grateful for my babes i already have but i will be devastated if i loose this one. I'm grieving for this one already...please reply.THANK U.