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We are planning to have a baby. My OPK detected i ovluate today but we have had sex in the past four days. Am i pregnant?
I do feel lower back pain and cramps but my period is not due for another two weeks?


It is impossible to detect pregnancy that early. Not only that, but those things you are getting cannot be pregnancy symptoms because they cannot show up that early. It doesn't happen like that. A vast majority of pregnancy related symptoms show up only AFTER THE MISSED PERIOD. Many times, they aren't even a guarantee, because they could be many other things. Generally sex three days prior to ovulation, during ovulation, and the day after ovulation generate the highest percentage of conceiving. So 4 days before hand makes it pretty likely, but you cannot say if you are pregnant now.

You will have to wait till much later. Those cramps and back pain cannot be pregnancy related UNLESS this is an ectopic pregnancy, but generally even those symptoms cannot come this early. The best thing to do is wait. If you experience more lower back pain around the time of your period(especially just after a missed one), you may be having an ectopic pregnancy and need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

The surefire way to detect pregnancy is with an HPT or other pregnancy test(eg. blood test) a week after the missed period because this is when the highest concentration of hormones that would signify pregnancy are secreted by your body. I believe with a first-response test you can get results as early as 5 days prior to the missed period.


thanks for your feedback.
I am pretty scared about the ectopic pregnancy you suggested.
I am not due for another two days for a periods. But i will keep an eye out.
It just seems like forever waiting to see if im pregnant.