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I'm Raymond. A 21yr old. I've bin having hammertoes since I was lil. One on each big toe. I couldve gotten lazer surgery when I was lil, but I ddnt cause I was scared. My right toe got bigger but my left one ain't that big. It has never hurted, but I just wanna not b embarrassed to taking my socks off.


Hi Raymond, have you ever seen a orthopeadic surgeon or podiatrist?  A hammertoe surgery would be a very major and painful surgery.  I just got a major, painful bunion surgery done 4 weeks ago and still experience pain and have to take my pain meds everyday still - it sucks.  So if your toes don't bother you I suggest not to get it done but on the other hand you don't want to wait until the pain is too bad either, see one of the doctors suggested above.

Hope this helps and good luck