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I was just wondering how rare it is to be pregnant but still have your period. I know it is possible because my friend had her period for 3 months while she was pregnant and some have it throughout the entire pregnancy. I was just wondering if it is rare or more common than everyone thinks.


its rare.

around 30% of women experience some bleeding in their first trimester, however, the bleeding isn't a regular period, its scantier, lighter bleeding, and lasts shorter than a normal cycle would.

sometimes the levels of hormones released during pregnancy aren't quite high enough to cease the menstrual cycle completely, although cases like this arent medically recorded often,

funny enough that most reports of periods throughout a pregnancy all come from the internet, the most reliable source of info there is, ;-) although most people mean well, some are malicous, others are just uninformed, and think they had a normal cycle. in reality, its not common.

however, I still advise to all women who have had unprotected sex and are still worried to take a pregnancy test, just to stop them worrying too much, when you've had a full period as well as negative tests you will feel less worried i can tell you!