My boyfriend and I were great friends before we started dating. We've been together for more than a year and a half. Things were great at first. We were so obsessed with each other. Then he started to perseverate on every aspect of my past. He started using drugs about a year ago. As time went on, we fought more and more. He has pushed me lightly once or twice, slapped me once, and has grabbed my arm a few times when I tried to walk away from him. He is very overprotective and thinks of me as me epitome of every argument. In December 2012 he entered treatment for the substance abuse and began therapy. He's also diagnosed with GAD, OCD and NOS depression. He's been clean since December but started cutting as a replacement. His friendships are pretty rocky. Ours is very push/pull. He'll tell me he can't stand me and I'm pathetic and then breakdown because he feels like I'll leave him. He was also told by his DBT therapist that he displays a mild form of D.I.D? And she also said that his past situation at home is considered emotional abuse. He has made suicide threats towards me when I say something he interprets as "I'm leaving" and whatnot. We have both mistakenly said that to each other before, but never stuck with it for more than a day. He has been in a psychiatric hospital once for writing on the wall in his own blood. Please help. I've done research but if anyone has opinions please share with full honesty!