Okay So My Boyfriend And I Were Playing Around And He Sat Me On The Counter In My Restroom , Then He ejaculated on my leggings. my leggings were like a thick leatherish type an di had panties under it. five mintutes after words i began to take the leggings and panties off. when i did that i wiped my inner thighs , around my upper panty line area  ( i felt some type of residue from there ) And then i put germex on the area. then i went to the bathroom and wiped my self with toilet paper and changed.  that night i took shower. is there a posibility that i could be pregnant ? when ever he ejaculated on me i wasnt wet , and i wasnt naked , by the time i changed chlothes the sperm wasnt whitish , it was kinda dissloved into my leggings . does this mean they died ? Im very confused and very anxious. i didnt have sex or anything either, could i become pregnant like this omg PLEASE HELP ME