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When I woke up this morning i had a numb feeling and a headache. The headache is located front-top part of my skull. I'm feeling tired, cannot concentrate, have no energy and according to others I am pale as well. I have no appetite and am simply feeling exhausted.
My roommate has also got similar symptoms but she has 38.7 degrees of fever and a troat ache. it also started today.

what's wrong with my body? Might we have the same sickness


okkay!! ur friend is having sinusitis,even u can get it,its a communicable respiratory infection....there are 4 sinuses in our skull,etmoidal,maxillary,sphenoidal and frontal...frontal sinuses r present just above ur eyebrows when they get inflamed due to allergy or infection that spread from ear,nose or throatthe cause pain..typicaly discribed as periodic frontal headache...its very common..take some anti inflamatory,paracetamol will work,regularly do steam inhalation...and get ur friend some antibiotic for her throat infection..