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I recently bought MetaSlim pills that helps weight losses. I've read over the internet that Bitter Orange Extract -> 6% Synephrine can be somewhat dangerous... is that true? Each pills contains 150mg of Bitter Orange Extract and I usually takes 2 of them each day I am 21 years old and I might, but never had any heart problem or high blood pressure... Is it safe to continue and use this product for 2-3 months?


I don't think that there has been any sort of FDA study out there on the efficacy of bitter orange extract and I don't htink that any one has actually studied if it is bad for you or not. I think that it's important when you take supplements like that to realize that they could be bad for you and there's been no studies to prove otherwise. How long are you planning on taking this for? DO you have something else that you can take that helps with weight loss instead? Keep us posted.