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meta silm 


The ingredients in Meta Slim consist of: Ginger Root, Cayenne Pepper, Bitter Orange Extract, Yerba Mate and Green Tea Extract.

All of the ingredients in Meta Slim are ingredients that are commonly found in other weight loss products on the market. Bitter Orange Extract, which is in Meta Slim, is also known as Synephrine and which is thought by a number of manufacturers of weight loss products to be a safe alternative to the now banned Ephedrine. However, a number of experts are now warning that Bitter Orange Extract may increase the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. Certainly, anyone with heart or blood pressure problems should not use Meta Slim and should be weary of any Bitter Orange based product.

The pill is not so much the cause for weight loss as the diet is.  Meaning, you follow their diet and you lose weight. I think it is MLM so the seller makes money off the pills.

I never endorse diet pills (never know what's in them). If you need help with hunger and cravings so that you can stay on a sensible low-calorie diet, I recommend R&D Cookie Diet.  They work and they are a food, not a drug.