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Hello everyone my name is Lacy. I'm hear because I just happen to stuble across this site and found some people on here to be just like me. I have an aniexty disorder. I have another problem right now though that why I was looking for medical websites. I have a blister in the back on my throat. I have no tonsils but its like the blisters you get when you have strep throat. I only have one though. I'm scared of what it is. I got on to one web site and got a reply saying is was either herpes or HIV. As far as I know I dont have either I have been in a faithful marriage for 5 year and have a 4 year old son. I think I was tested for that stuff when I was pregnant with my son. If anyone can help please do so I think I'm going crazy! Thanks


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Hi Lacy,

I'm sorry your post was missed in the introduction forum.

I hope you found some useful information on the board. You are welcome to come by any time.