My right tonsil is swollen somewhat, and there are 2 small (a little bigger than this capital O) blistery-looking bumps right on the outsides of the tonsil (on the skin flap). The bumps are skin-colored and firm unlike blisters, but perfectly round. The first one has been there for about a year but the second has just appeared. I have a chronic cough and frequent sore throat, also my neck feels swollen on that side and the discomfort often extends to the ear on that side. I likely have HPV (as do most sexually active adults) so I wondered if they could be HPV warts- but I do not have bad breath and the bumps are not rapidly multiplying. I wonder if it could be tonsillitis-- can that cause bumps that remain for an entire year??
I have no insurance and so have been putting off a doctor's visit-- if I can ascertain that it is an infection, I could get some antibiotics. I feel fatigued all the time and right now am experiencing a lot of discomfort. Please, please help with any info you might have. Thank you so much.