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I have been smoking for five years (it was on and off) and i wasn't a bad smoker. I was smoking about 9-15 cigs per week. I quit two months ago and I am very worried about my tonsils. I have white stuff on my tonsils (what looks like tonsillitis) but it doesn't hurt. I had this about 3 months ago before I decided to quit smoking. I am really scared now. My ovula is swollen as well but it does not hurt. I also have little bumps on my tongue but I don't see them unless I stick out my tongue. Help!!


Hi Archnemeziz,

You really didn’t smoke a lot and I think that shouldn’t have affected your tonsils. How old are you? Were your tonsils swollen ever before?

The white stuff can be a sign of an infection and this is something that you could check with the doctor. However you could try some things at home. One thing that can be helpful with infection on the tonsils is a mouthwash. You should apply it several times a day. The good thing is that you stopped smoking, because there is no positive effect from smoking. Another things is that you have to level up your oral hygiene. People sometimes forget about the importance of oral hygiene but I tell you the mouth is the first gate for your organism.