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I have a blood pocket on the front of my left tonsil and behind the tonsil it is white with about three or four little black spots.It is alittle sore, and i'm always trying to clear my throat, could this clearing of my throat caused the bloody spot to appear on my tonsil?


Hi Joanne.
Bleeding tonsils are mostly caused by an infection, probably by tonsillitis, caused by streptococcus infection. One of the conditions that could follow tonsillitis is spontaneous tonsillar haemorrhage or bleeding, when blood vessels are being ruptured due to inflammation.
Tonsillitis should not last more than six months. If it does, visit your doctor, because you may have chronic problem with your tonsils.
One of the recommended home remedies for tonsillitis is gargling a glass of warm water mixed with salt that should decrease discomfort. However, salt could affect the bloody pocket on your tonsil, causing rupture and bleeding. However, that bleeding shouldn't last long. If it does, then you should visit your doctor, because any constant bleeding, especially in throat should be treated as soon as possible.
In the mean time, try not to overuse your voice. Also, don't take medications that decrease the blood-clotting ability of the body, such as aspirin.