Where do I begin I have had tonsillitis twice since January 2014 but the first time I didn't get any fevers. I have little lumps in my glands in my neck. I've had blood test that show inflammation. I've had chest X-rays a scan ultrasound which showed enlarged glands the ent have said it was due to the virus of tonsillitis. On the 2nd time of tonsillitis the right tonsil has grown with one white yellowish spot no bad breath but feeling tired all the time headaches sore throat fevers pain in my ear my neck gland is swollen pain in kidney now my gp is now sending me for a chest X-ray yet again and more blood test which show inflammation but now my tonsil has developed a single white spot in the last week ent have said my tonsil gland should go of it's own accord but it hasn't I have told them if feels like I have something stuck in my throat so I had the camera up my nose and down my throat ent have said everything looks good so any body out there with this problem I've had 5 weeks off work from January till now in the beginning I felt after 3 weeks off from work I felt better went back to work then the 2nd week into April tonsillitis 2 weeks of work and no sign of getting better what's going on with me surely if it was just tonsillitis my tonsil wouldn't stay enlarge and be giving me all this jip any one with any info would be grateful