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Hey anyone help..i have a small penis and i cnt pull back the foreskin.I need to be able 2 do that in 22days..plz anyone got any advice on how to increase my penis size and pull back the foreskin of mz penis plz


ok why 22 days? and i suffered form phimosis to i am 14, if it cannot go over while soft then go to doctor and he should give you cream which thins skin,
if it can go over while soft and not when hard, then keep retracted while soft and try to get hard on ( i was really scared to do it and it hapened by accident) it does not hurt that bad and it stretches it really well, dont worry it will not split or bleed, do that for about 5 days and also when it is going erect with forsekin rolled back hold it in place because it might ry to roll back over, do not let it,leave it their for as long as possble, repeat for about 3-4 days and also rolld back daiy as much as possible and just recently (yesterday) i got mine to roll back while erect, but now i think my frenulem is to short =(

and with penis size, it really doesnt matter dude, unless its smaller then 6 cm, 6cm of penis can get nearly any girl to orgasm. mines only like 4.1 inch when hard 2-3 when soft (yes i have ALOT of problems)