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I a, having a really bad skin rash at the moment, and believe me that I would do anything to make it stop! I thought that some herbs for purification of the body might do me the world of good! What herbs do you recommend? I heard garlic might be good for detoxifying, but I am not sure?


My detox fixes are: 1, Raw apple cider vinegar in water. Buy the Braggs brand. All natural. Follow the directions as to how much to put in water. It will taste a little bitter, tangy. I find raw apple cider vinegar to be VERY good at killing bacteria, but only get the all natural kind. 2, Oregano oil tablets. This is a good herb not only for killing bacteria but for parasites, it is said. Just make sure that you take a very good probiotic if you use oregano oil because it's SO good at killing bacteria that it can kill good bacteria in your system as well, so you definitely want to supplement with a good probiotic during any oregano oil regime. If I do a regime, it's for no more than 10 days usually. 3, Wormwood. Also traditionally used for killing parasites in the system. You may be able to find the tablets at a health store or the powder that you can fill in tiny capsules to take. DO NOT drink wormwood in water. It's monstrously bitter for a reason--to discourage parasites.

Good luck!