Hi, so my SD started when I was 15 (I'm 25 now) and I thought it was ringworm on the back of my neck. Eventually I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me a topical steroid. It helped at first but then my SD worsened and began to spread further up my scalp and went to my face in small patches. Fast forward 10 years and I've really made progress.. it's definitely not gone but I've tamed it somewhat but I have never had a completely SD free year. I've tried a lot of remedies since then.. but most of my success is definitely due to transitioning to a completely plant based, gluten free and dairy free diet. If that's too extreme for you here are a few other changes and remedies I've found to help: I got a shower filter.. the chemicals used to treat water and the chlorine really dried out my skin and the filter has definitely helped. Apple cider vinegar.. I dilute in a 1:1 ratio and use it on my scalp in the shower and dab some on a cotton ball for my face. Dead Sea salt.. this helped me so much.. I use it the same way I do ACV and I buy Minera Dead Sea salt from Amazon. I exfoliate regularly to get rid of the flakes. Essential oils! Oils have really changed the game for me.. I use tea tree oil and oregano oil which are good anti-fungal agents.. I use lavender oil to help with inflammation and coconut oil or vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil to moisturize (like I said.. I really got into oils).. try not to use all of them at once.. just try a different combination of things or one at a time and pick what works best for you.  I switched my body wash to Doctor Bronners.. there are many options but I usually go with lavender and tea tree. I started taking a probiotic daily.. SD is an overproduction of yeast.. which was telling me that my diet and gut flora were involved. I did buy a few random products online that I found helpful.. one is derm essentials that I've seen as an advertisement on this page (maybe I'm only seeing it because I've purchased it) and Brija cosmetics has a turmeric serum that I use at night which helps with redness and inflammation. Oh and drink water! (And I've also noticed that alcohol makes it worse).. Whew that was a lot..I'm still learning and I'm always searching for new ideas.. this is definitely a learn as you go process but I can honestly say with all of these changes my Sebborhea has dramatically decreased.  

Sorry for the length!