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23 Years old,

A few years ago I got a inguinal hernia operation (right side), after which my right teste has no ability to rise while the left can lift just fine. I should mention that i never got a post-op check-up (was out of town for a few months), and haven't gotten a doctor's opinion yet.

i figure the surgeon just sheared some tissue away from the muscle that controls it. ever since my penis has been growing, but as you might imagine a hanging testicle can be rather sore at times. i dont have any problems day to day. but anything resembling jumping on a trampoline will cause a bit of discomfort if i do it for very long. it also becomes sore if i have an extremely vigorous romp or a long masturbation session.

I still have feeling in the teste and the connecting tubes, though it is not as sensitive as my left testicle. im wondering if its a problem i should seek medical attention for. I havent ever felt like it was extreme cause for concern but i figured id ask if a hanging testicle can become a more serious medical issue.

it has been at least two years since the operation, and i've never had enough discomfort to really worry about it so much. (the hernia mesh itself causes me more pain when i laugh really hard or am tickled badly) not to mention when i discovered it i was not at all thrilled by the idea of going under the knife again.

thanks everyone, i can't seem to find anything on a hernia operation side effect like this.. so any input on it would be apprieciated.


Hi there, it sounds to me like you might have had a botched surgery which is why you've been having issues like that. Have you been able to get to a doctor? I think you have a good case for it at this point. Can you keep us posted?