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Tomorrow will be two weeks since i had right inguinal hernia surgery with 2 mesh. Right after the second or third day started to feel pain and discomfort on the left side. and it is geting worse every day. what i do not understand why i did not feel or had any pain befor surgery, or any singes, even when the doctor checked me out.


That's because your medicines are worn out after you came home from the hospital. They had you on IV and others to numb your body. I guess that Tylenol would help you to relief some pains. Maybe, use a red rubber hot water tub. I may think that a cold laser might be work - ask your chiropractor about it.

I am sorry I read it careless - some posters (readers) have the same issue over and over. Yours is different this time. I think that you could try the cold laser to see if it works for you.

It seems that the meshes might have pulled something inside your muscles. You have to find out what kind of mesh did he inserted it in your hernia. I believe that there are three different kinds: a plastic sheet with some holes (yike!), a fiber wired mesh, and another one I don't remember. Then, look it up on the Google about the type of mesh and read what they said about it.

.....I wonder that you might have slept wrong side of your bed or pick up something a little too heavy without thinking.

I read somewhere that one of the meshes lasts 14 years. I don't comment it because I didn't want to upset you about it. But, you have the right to know about it.