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I'm suffering from high depression. I committed suicide many times, but at the last moments I was found by friends and colleagues or I just changed my mind and inform others. I'm on floxetine 40 daily but it's not working. I saw many psychologists, but since I,myself syudied psychology, nobody could helped me, so I gave up on them. I

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hey my friend ,

Dont ever fell under the thinking of making suicide!!!!. If u need help try and call your emergency line from your country in case your life is in danger. Me myself I suffer from depression too. Most of the times i feel bad down and depressed . I have anxiety issues too. So I can understand you my friend its not easy to cope but you have to be strong and belive in your self . Life is so beautiful and we only live once mate dont ever waste it!!!. Always try to think positive and live one day at a time . If you want to speak you can find me or here on this forum or else on msn by adding me

Remember pal suicide is not the solution . Always fight and socialise a lot . Dont stay at home alone . Be with your friends , speak with them . Remember theres always a light at the end of the tunnel .

Contact me pal,

Best regards,


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