I just received a call from My Doctors office letting me know that when I requested to have Blood work taken because it has been so long since the last time and my twin sister passed away 8 years ago from a Fibroid Tumor in her Uterus and she had Cancer and her Gynecologist at an earlier time had told her to have all of her Organs taken out in that area she said No because at that time she only had 1 child and wanted to have more in the future. She suffered terribly and to see her like this till this Day makes Me cry's Im writing Im Crying this really Breaks My Heart. Last year My Mother passed Away as well and I feel Lost with out the Both of them.I do have 3 Children.My daughter is 25 years old and my oldest Son is 19 years old and my youngest son just turned 16 years old and I made sure that I Could Not have any more children for many reasons that are Personal.At present I do Not have a Male Counterpart because I choose Not t.o. you Can Please send me any information in regard to this can You Please send it to My e-mail Address which is Soul2210@aol.com I would really Appreciate This and I Thank You From My Heart and Soul :)..I feel as though if I had Not asked for this Blood work to be taken I would have Never Known This and something inside was telling me to Speak Out and Request This and I did and it is A Great Thing that I Did.I do take certain Medications due to I was in a Motor Vehicle accident in 2001 and it took me 2 years to make a Decision to have Surgery and I Wish that I Never Did This because Now I have to take Pain Medication and and something to Help Me Sleep and Muscle  Relaxors to help me as well. For over 2 months I had an infection from sweating and initially I went to my Primary Care Dr and she Prescribed a Creme to put in the are where I Sweat and then it Did Not work.Then she Suggested that I go and See A Dermatalogist and I did and She Prescribed Bactroban 2% ointment to Apply Twice Daily to the area and would like for me to see her again this Month on the 26th to check this out again.She did do 2 biopsies and one came back as Bacterial infection and the other was to check for A Viral Infection.Im Very Clean and Follow her instructions every Day and I Noticed that it is going away if only My Primary Dr would have known this from the beginning I would have never had to go and see another Doctor but I Completely Understand Why she Did This and Im Glad and Very Happy that I went.Please excuse any Spelling Errors.Thank You So Much for your Help I Do Not want for this Article to Become Public because it is Very Personal.Thank You and Wish Me Luck and Good Health I would Really Appreciate This :)