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I use to have extreamly thick and beautiful hair but I was tired of the same boring hair. So, I got my hair thinned out a new hair cut. I didnt think it would be that big of a deal because everyone told me it would grow back in time. And it was ok! But about six months after thinning it out I found out I was pregnant. Then on top of that my boyfriend became abusive and would pull my hair pulling out chunks. My hair became very thin.. about twice as thin from before. Now, I'm no longer with him and its been four months but my hair isnt growing back! Is there anyway to help the health of my hair and make the process alittle faster?!

Loading... may want to consult with a specialist on this one. But probably due to you hair being pulled out, the follicles may have been damaged and is not permissable to grow back again. Once that root or follicle is injured the hair just won't grow. Many times with a pregnancy, your hair pays dearly. It can get thinner and look lifeless and dull and takes it's time growing. After birth, it sometimes doesn't go back to the way it behaved pre pregnancy.