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alright so i'm a teen mother and i have been masterbating since i was 12. i have had PLENTY of clitoral orgasms, but never had one from penetration.... my husband and i have tried every position and he's tried fingering me and evrything but i just cant! it starts feeling good, but i can never cum... it sucks.. help plz :-(


have him massage your clitoris while penetrating you at the same time, it would be best from behind


Hey. I agree. 

That is the best way for the g-spot stimulation

Also, tell your hubby other things which might help you to reach your orgasm.

Don't be stiff - I know that sometimes you might feel uncomfortable, but you need to let it go. Let him lead the game and try to relax.

You need to trust your partner. Surrender to your lover.

Also, don't be scared to tell him what is OK for you and what it is not.

Of course, try to avoid this silly thing that is always on your mind - that you need to have this g-spot orgasm or your sex life is ruined.

It is not.