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I had a Grade III ankle sprain with several torn ligaments. This happened close to a month and a half ago. Went to see an OS and he put me in a cast boot and crutches (no weight bearing). Went back 2 times for recheck and on last visit OS wanted me to start physical therapy. Two days after that visit, my foot started to hurt a lot. Sharp shooting pain shot up my foot and up my leg. I called my OS and he said that it's nothing and I shouldn't be having any more pain. He says I'm too far out for any more severe pain. Yeah, OK! So I went to Urgent Care and they suspected a Lisfrank injury. They did an x-ray and two doctos both agreed that it looked like Lisfranc. So they scheduled a CT Scan. Went in for that and my OS called with results......NORMAL. Now he didn't listen to me about the pain any other time and I'm worried that he isn't being truthful about the CT results. I know "Why wouldn't he be"? That would just be asking for malpractice. My body is still telling me that something is wrong. I can't walk without the sharp, shooting pain, I have a lot of pain going up my leg and into my thigh. I can't go see another OS because I would need a referral and that won't happen. HELP!


Dear Mommieof2,
my advice is:
I've had quite the same odissey and I've now learnt to listen to my body and not to doctors repeating 'you're too far out for any more severe pain'.
I live in Rome, Italy, not a mum but maybe your same age and problem.
To tell a long story short, it took me almost 1 year to get a proper diagnosis. It was Lisfranc, unfortunately, and as I kept bearing weight on my aching foot for months and months it seems that damage is quite serious now and full recovery more difficult.
I'm lucky anyway I didn't give up and saw as many orthopedists as I could. To me an RMI and a set of weight-bearing x-rays, though belated, were really useful.
Be aware that Lisfranc injuries are tricky, subtle and often misdiagnosed: make sure you see a good foot specialist and consider having another CT or, as I said, RMI and weight-bearing x-rays. I've also heard that midfoot sprains can result in vascular damages, which of course cannot be spotted by and orthopedist.
Have I been helpful? A bit, I hope

I wish you good luck and keep in touch