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Good day all,

When I was younger, me and my roommate were following Zoe Harcombe diet program. It was an amazing diet program back then, I remember that it was really easy to follow it while we were in the college as well. The food was amazing and recipes were pretty easy. We just loved that diet program.

Yesterday, I found some old diary of mine, and I found there one thing that I wrote back than – that Zoe Harcombe diet does not allow counting calories?

Why this lady promotes stopping calorie counting in her diet?

I just can’t remember that :) 


Hey there,

I was listening to this amazing lady a few months ago at some seminary. I have to say that I was thrilled. She is very smart lady and she knows a lot about any diet program, she just know how your body works. She believes that this is just one more wrong way when you want to treat some diet program. She believes that is very good when you can eat healthy, without counting calories and still lose your weight.

She believes that this is just one more myth. I believe that she is right :) That is why she promotes stopping calorie counting in her diet program.

Good luck! 



Hello everyone,

Oh, so that is it. The main myth :) I have to say that I was pretty much confused about it, but now I get the bigger picture :)

I was discussed about this with my friends a few days ago, and they were all like – no way, every diet program is saying that you need to count calories :) I have to say that those were great times. Maybe, one day, I will decide to start with this diet program again :)

Thank you for your re post. I have to say that it is really helpful.

Have a nice day!