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i wanted to have another child but after this one i don't think i should have another baby because i can't handle the one i have now. and i would hate to see what it would be like with two. i have considered having my tubes tyed and burned. the only thing i want to know before i do this is how is it done? how long will it take for me to heal? and if i deside later on that i want another child and it be reversed?


Woah... slow down.

First, you wanted to have another child, but now don't cause you're over whelmed right now?

This is not the time to make a permanent decision like sterilization.

It IS the time to be practicing birth control, regularally, whether your partner likes it or not. (I don't really mean that. I mean you must be firm in your choice for Birth Control.)

There are many forms to choose from and Planned or your local office can help you choose the method or methods that are best for your right now. They can also help you with tips on how to cope with your little one right now.

Don't rush into a permanent solution, cause most of us find we change our minds and feelings over time.

Good luck.