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My step dad was receiving dialysis since Jan. 12002 until Feb. 19, 2010. He recently became very ill (stopped eating and was trowing up his daily meds.) The choice was made by his wife to discontinue dialysis and let him die. I just don't want him to be in pain for a long time. Please let me know about how long he has to live.


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Having problems with renal failure can be very devastating for person and going on dialysis all the time is very problematic. The thing is that around 30% of patients who begin dialysis die in the first year on the initial treatment. However if you have cardiovascular problems these numbers will be higher by ten times. The mortality of dialysis patients older than 65 years of age is higher by six time then general population. In my opinion without dialysis and his medication he will not live long. This condition is very serious and very painful. Problem here is that he will have a lot of pain so it should be good if he can take at least some pain killers.

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