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Since I mentioned this diet program, Tahiti diet program, my oldest sister thinks that this is an amazing diet program because it is exotic. I am not sure how to help her, but I do respect everything about this. I am willing to help her, of course, if you share some experience with me about this diet program.

I was wondering, do you have any experience, how much weight you can lose if you are following Tahiti diet program?

Can you lose your pounds quick?

Please, inform me! Every advice and every tip would be good for her.

What are your experiences? 


Good day people,
I really love this diet program. I am following it for two and a half years now. The recipes are good, I am happy because I have some literature about this diet program, because it is much easier to follow this diet program. Now, you can’t expect that your sister will lose the same weight as I did, but she can lose it. For example, I lost 13 pounds in first 6 months of this diet program. It was so good for me and that is one reason more why I continued with this diet program.



While I was on vacation, I had that chance to “follow” this diet program for 15 days. And, I have to say that I was really surprised with all those amazing recipes, good meals, etc. I have to say that they are really delicious and I love it…

First of all, you should know that this diet program is based on healthy groceries and that is why this one can work. I remember when I was on it, for just 15 days, I lost almost 3 pounds. It was so cool, because I came back from my vacation with less pounds.

Unusual for me :)