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hi i was wondering weather anyone could help me with a problem. i am a teenager but have the height a build a lot bigger than my age. i am tall with a thin but muscular build. i am particularity strong (not trying to be cocky) in both upper body and leg strength. i am very fit being in the Army training corp but i was wondering weather somebody could help me with tips to get rid of this layer of fat over my abs. i have large abs but there has always been  layer of fat over them from when i was slightly chubby as a kid. 

any help much appreciated

many thanks




How often do you exercise your abs? I mean, you could at the point where you actually have great abdominal muscles but still not satisfied with how they look.

I think the key point here is a diet plan. Have you ever measured how much % of body fat you have. I think 5-15% is a normal range. So you could go and measure it somewhere, there are scales specially designed to measure your fat and muscles.

So when you lose your internal fat your muscles will stand out. You could research some diet plans for fat loss.

However, i think that this is a moving target. You could eventually lose some fat and have great muscles but skip your diet for one day and it's gone.