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Hey everyone

I've been suffering from plantar facitious (sp) for about 3 years now

Ive been takin ibuprofen everyday since due to this as I cannot walk

Anyway, Ive had shoe insoles to night splits but nothings working, any ideas on how to get rid for good?



Hi there,

I've had plantar faciitis for many many years now, since I was a kid (Im 28 now). I had tendon release surgery when I was 17 to relieve the tightness in my feet, but it didnt last very long.

The main cause of PF is tightness, most notably in the lower muscles of the lower leg (under the calves). A lot of aggressive stretching, and some massaging of the lower legs will help a lot. Also, do a stretch for your feet by placing your foot at an angle (such as on a wall) with your heel touching the floor, and your toes upon the wall. Gently shift your pelvis forward towards the wall. This will give you a good stretch in your feet and lower leg. Insoles and stuff are great, but to really help, you must loosen those tendons back up. Im working on my myself, as my feet have been horrible lately. Hope this helps!