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I am a new runner interested in finding a good pair of shoes. I am quite tall (6'7") and weigh 240 pounds. I was quite involved in martial arts for a long part of my life but have not done any exercise for a long time.

About three weeks ago I started to see a Chiropractor which has helped as I suffer from plantar fasciitis and back pain. I have been received Graston Technique treatments which have been REALLY helpful.

I have cast arch supports which greatly limit what kind of shoes I can wear. I wear Fluevogs which are comfortable but my success with running shoes have been problematic because of the limitations that come with having arch supports. The shoes need to be big enough to accommodate the arch supports, and the part of the shoe from my heel to my Achilles tendon needs to be high enough so my foot doesn't slip out.

I think that's enough history. Any suggestions are welcome.


My suggestion is to go to a running store. The specialty store's sales staff will be knowledgeable on all the types of shoes and be able to help you match a pair to your needs.

When I go, I keep an open mind to color and brand and go with what is suggested and feels best on my feet.