Hi all,

I'm desparate for help and am hoping here is the place to find it. I've been struggling with ankle/lower leg pain for about 6 months now and it's killing me.

I'm 25 years old, Male, keep very active and have applied to join the RAF Regiment. I have always been pretty fit, but suffered 2 very bad ankle sprains a year ago. I went for an X-ray on them and nothing showed up as abnormal.

Fast track to the current day, and the last 4 months have been nothing but a nightmare. They started really niggling after coming back from holiday after a 3 week break from exercise. I was getting back into it and they became really stiff and sore in the mornings and during periods of rest. I wear these special over-pronation training shoes (Asics ones that cost a lot) to run, but have been doing a lot of treadmill running - about 3 miles or so every other day.

I went to see a Podiatrist a few months back and had some temporary insoles made to correct my overpronation. I outside heel strike first and then roll in. You can see this on my shoes because the heals are completely eroded on the outsides. The insoles I thought were working, but after a week or so the pain came back. I went to another Podiatrist who made me some professional insoles that cost 150, worn those for 3-4 weeks and again they're probably more painful than ever before. They also click and crack almost constantly now when they only did it a little before, although I'm guilty as charged as I often crack/click them to release the tension inside. They feel so stiff and the joints so boney and tighht it's untrue.

The pain itself seems to go away, or at least ease off when I'M ACTUALLY EXERCISING, but during the day and in the morning my whole ankles and lower legs, especially the fronts feel so stiff, sore and tender and often hurt to touch. I've been off training for 2-3 weeks and the pain is still there.

It's really getting me upset. The RAF is all I want to do and I've passed all my tests so far but am crapping it about the Fitness and Medical if I can't solve this dilemna. I'm not sure what to do. The custom insoles don't work and I've seen a physio who has provided me with a few stretches for the peroneal tendon, hamstring and achilles but they haven't helped much either.

Has anyones experienced this type of pain before and can you please help? Please! Forever grateful.