I've done a number of half marathons before using a number of different online training plans. Most of them always had a longest run of around 13 miles and only once or twice in the schedule before the race. It was always a struggle towards the end of the race to push through the last 2-3 miles.

Last year I was training for a full marathon, but because of some logistical reasons wasn't able to do it. I had gotten up to about 18 miles in my training with a 11 or 12 mile run about twice a week.

The plan I was using (Pfitzinger) was definitely a more difficult plan than the half marathon ones, but I felt much stronger than I ever have and I think I could have run a half marathon faster than in the past.

So I'm training for another half marathon now but am thinking about using the full marathon plan. Any ideas of how I should modify it for a half marathon, or should I just use it as is?