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So I masterbate and I really want to make myself squirt. I think I have done it in the past because there was a small spot on my bedsheet, but thats was years ago and I can`t do it again. Help please!


heres what you need to do. Thers these vibraters, you cant miss them, they have what looks like a big round ball at the tip, they do the trick.  Other then that, do this; You need a picture of the female anatomy. When you put your finger in the vegina, and you push up in the direction of the pubic bone, there is the ureethra and the blatter. If you put your thum over your clit and push up in the durection of your pubic bone with your finger thats all the way in your vagina, right around where your ureethra meets your blatter, that is what they call "the G spot. If you grab right there in a pinching motion and squeeze, and keep repeeting the motion. Its like there is a small cushion there and your pumping it with your fingers. youll gush. Most women do, when ever I hook up with a women I try it on here and it works a lot of the time. If your really attracted to someone, and they do this really fast, youll gush really quickly. Its fun, women like it:)