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Prior to the rise of the Catholic Church, It was a well known  fact, that  during a Female  Orgasm, the woman in questiion  would  release / squirt a liquid  from the  general confines of the  Vagina.

The Male dominated  Catholic Church, decided  it was Incontinence,  because only Bad Girls could enjoy  SEX.

So there are thousands of  females out there, who supress their orgasms, because they do not want their partners to think, they are incontinent while  having  sex.

It is  NOT Urine, it is similar to the  clear  liquid, expelled  by the  male, along with his  sperm.

This  somewhat clear  liquid, helps the  sperm,  swim, to where they are needed, to fertilize  any available  eggs.

Easy to explain !  As long as you are not  shy !

Get your partner, to hold a Mirror & a Torch,  between your legs. You will need to pull  your interior & exterior  lips ,slightly upwards and outwards 

Imagine your  urethra,  as the  center of a  Clock.  Look along the  lines , that would be at  4 & 8 for  the  2 slight shadows.

Ok  everybody is different, so, some females, have the skene gland exits, right next to their  urethra.

Others , can be as much as  2 cm away, but still, on the lines  of  4 & 8, usng the Urethra as the center of  the Clock face, moving the torch beam,  2 distinct  small shadows should  appear  at  some  point.

Those small indentations, are where the  Skene Gland Liquid, gushes out, during a good  orgasm !

To test this, first CUT your Nails , as short as possible. then have the lady lie on her back.

Lubricate the Vagina & your  middle finger. 

Insert your finger in the Vagina, with your palm  up, pass the Pubic Bone, then Very Gently !   Caress either side of center.

Soon you should feel the Skene glands, swelling, as they fill up with  liquid.


When the Skene Glands are full, they will feel  like  a  grape on each side of the vagina.

Now you can excite your partner to the point of orgasm, and if she bears down correctly, she will gush like a small fountain.

Shannon  Bell, back in the  90s  did do some articles , on  Female Ejeculation.

But,  now there is  a new  book on the block ! it is written  by :   Deborah Sundahl      & the title is :

Female Ejaculation & the G Spot

Available from Amazon for around  14 quid.

Apart from the book, you can  look up :

Pennys Dirty Thoughts

And, once there, clicking  on the  magnifying  glass, opens a search box.

The relevant dates, to enter, are :    March 31 2012.... : June 17  2012......: July 19 2014.

Happy Ejeculations  Ladies !!


A Note from Shannon Bell

SB: Well there’s three of us who were female ejaculation pioneers, Deborah Sundahl (editor of On Our Backs), Annie Sprinkle and myself. We’re all still teaching. I just did a workshop at Come As You Are sex store (Toronto). Now I start off with a 40-minute ejaculation demonstration using sex toys and giving precise technical instruction. I am all about the technology of ejaculation, the power and skill; this has always set me apart from the other teachers. For me it is an acquired skill that a female body in control can choose to do or not do. The seminar is for men and women; it works really well. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, the audiences have gotten super-great.

Happy Ejeculations Ladies



REALLY FINALLY SOMEONE EXPLAINS IT TO A TEE OF what I knew my body was doing but not ONE supports exactly ALL u said & for the 1st time knew it wasn't just me! I have a ??? When I dont "finish" & I can still c my skenes gland swollen yet it slowly leaks out the next day or this common u think & I'm a newbee with squirting/ejaculating so is there a way to prevent this have u heard? Thanx agsin for common sense!!