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My husband is 33 & looks healthy, but he has been urinating blood for a week now. He is only sexually active with me and we don't have any sexually transmitted diseases. His doctor took a urine sample and put him on antibiotics. His urine sample came back negative for bacteria growth and the antibiotics aren't doing anything. I'm worried because he is still bleeding a week later and he had 100mg. of protein in his urine. The doctor we talked to today said that it is probably kidney stones, which I doubt because he isn't feeling any pain. He can't see a uriologist for another week. I'm really worried, what do you think is wrong with him?


Hi there,

The pain that comes from kidney stones is very often but it doesn’t have to noticed in the first week of problems. Your blood can indicate the presets of kidney stone but can also be caused by kidney failure. If you have blood this often mean that kidneys are not filtering your blood well and there are traces of it in the urine. This can be caused by several problems but in my opinion hid kidneys might be failing. He will ne the accurate diagnosis of this condition and if the blood continues to appear in the urine he might even need a dialysis. I hope that this helped a bit.

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