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i am 13 and i have a tendensy of gettn blackouts.. i hate it because i go blank minded after for about 2 minutes and i stumble. i have never fainted or collappesed or any c**p like that. when i get black-outs my mind goes blank and i cant speak. i can Hear things but very little.. what should i do i am a bit worried :S


Hi Jessica: Have you mentioned this to your parents or a doctor? I can help you a little bit with trying to figure out somethings, but I REALLY feel you need to see a doctor about this ok?

1. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
2. Have you started your period, and do you bleed a lot?
3. Do you ever feel like your heart is pounding or beating too fast when this happens?
4. Does it usually happen after certain events, such as standing too quickly, running, exerction of any kind?