Ive never tried "hard" drugs. But I have a family history of alcohol addiction. My addiction is marijuana, cigarettes and caffeine. I know some of you don't think weed is addictive. but when I don't have it, I resort to alcohol which I don't even like, but I do it because if I am completely sober (mostly at night when it is just me and my thoughts) MY BODY CANNOT HANDLE IT. seriously. I CAN"T DEAL. I end up compulsively hitting myself in the head, very hard and I CAN'T STOP. I just want to be sober so I can move on with my life without relying on weed and alcohol but as soon as Im alone and sober, I self harm and I don't stop until I get a fix or something!


please help I want to stop but I CANT and IM HURTING MYSELF because I CANT STOP.