hey there.

i have a rather addictive personality and i'm keen to know how to control it. i smoke a pack of cigarettes in about a day and a half, drink caffeine drinks all day long, and do whatever drugs i can get my hands on whenever i can. i've been taking drugs since i was about fourteen and am now eighteen. in that short time period i have tried a wide variety of drugs, including marijuana, alcohol, salvia, vicodin, oxycodone, dxm, cocaine, adderal (or however that's spelled), mushrooms, and more. at the age of sixteen i had earned over $4,000 working in a restaurant for a whopping $10 an hour. i have at this point drained that hard earned money, at least 50% of towards getting high.

being that it is easy to acquire, i have come to be mentally addicted to smoking pot. it is interfering with many aspects of my life and i'm curious about some good ways to give it up at least almost entirely. more importantly, i hate addiction (ironic) and i hate abstinence just as much. i'm not so much interested in forcing myself to give up everything (aside from grass) as much as i am in teaching myself to be strong enough to control my habits.

so, in short, how do i give up pot and cut back on the other stuff?

thank you.