I started running at the gym about a week ago. I started using my old Asics and they seemed to be doing the job okay, at first. Then after a while I started developing this cramping pain in my arch area. My foot doesn't actually cramp up, but it feels exactly like a foot cramp pain would and lingers in the foot until I stop and relieve the pressure on my feet.

I looked online for some new shoes. I went to NikePlus and filled out their custom shoe finder. I am a male with a normal arch and overpronation. It recommended me the Nike LunarGlide+ shoes. I thought I might as well pop into a local shoe store to see if the clerk agreed with this decision.

The lady there told me the LunarGlides are not for overpronators (?) and sold me the Nike Nucleus+ instead with some additional insoles. I tried them out for the first time today in the gym and that same exact pain set in after only a few minutes of running.

Is this pain caused because I'm striking out with the shoes, or am I feeling this pain because I haven't run in a long time? Is it something I have to push through and eventually it will go away? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 8)