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Help!! I have this feeling in my right nose that I have a lot of mucus stored up in my upper nose, near my eye. Everytime I try to blow out of this nose, it seems like my nose is constipated with mucus, though I sometimes some manage to get some mucus out. However, this mucus is a little bloody/orange-y.

I have no other symptoms besides this nasal irritation in my upper right nose by my eye, like something is lodged in there.

Is this normal? What may have caused this?

P.S. I just recovered from a cold like last week, where I had a runny nose for days.. IDK if this helps, but thanks!

Much appreciated,



HAve a warm shower let is produce some steam and then close off your left nostril opening and blow very fast and strong and it should come out!!! 

Yes, its normal i hace just over come a rather serious cold/fever and the doctor sid it was quite normal.