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i have had what it looked like cold with stuffy nose for 10 days. both nostrils would be blocked. the left nose was more severe. i used to blow orange mucus for the first time in life until yesterday when i said i've had it so i sniffed some cayyene pepper inb both nostrils to open up the passages as this was recommended by a friend. no apparent releif was evidenced. at three in the morning i woke up with my throat dry and nostrils totally blocked. so i went to the bath room and blew my left nose as hard as i could. a chunk came out in one piece. a white sac filled with watery discharge light orange and attached to it a bloody kidney-shaped sac were it had some red vessels in it. the sac discharged the fluid when i pressed on it. the kidney-like piece was like a solid mass. after that i had complete releif from both nostrils.

please advise on what could be this. should i see a doctor?




thisIt his happened to me today and I thought I was blowing my brains out literally