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I am always worried that someone prettier will try and steal my man. He is a very good looking guy and is trustworthy but still it bothers me. It makes me have a jealous sensation when another female expresses interest or even talks to him because of the way I feel about myself.

I feel ugly, but my friends, family, and boyfriend argue that I am not.

I used to weigh 115 ( at 5'3 thats the weight to be) and now i am 127... could my weight gain be causing this?

Heeelllpppp PLeeeaaasse !


Have a bit of confidence in yourself.
It doesn't help that you are comparing yourself to other girls.
As I see it, we see what we look like rough and when we all done up, and as we know what we really look like sometimes we just knock ourselves down and say we are ugly.
Just be careful as this might annoy those close to you.
They might think that you just want them to say ahh no your not, your gorgeous etc etc.
The fact that you say your boyfriend is good looking, must surely show that you are the fact that he could of got any good looking girl, and he went for you.
You can't blame the other girls for trying, he is good looking, ofcourse they would.
The thing to get out of it, that your boyfriend is staying loyal to you, so it shows how trustworthy, caring and how much he loves you.
Just be confident, its the most attractive thing.
Walk into a room like you are the prettiest one there, then girls will look at you and say ah i wish I was like her. :-D



We all have these inner voices that guide our emotions. These inner voices reside within the mindsets and beliefs that you have. Somewhere along the way you have built your self-esteem on the irrational belief that you are ugly. You need to revise these toxic messages within you as this is not the result of a weight problem it is a problem in your mind. Instead of telling yourself you're ugly all the time you need to build up a new belief system and tell yourself how pretty you are and start believing it.