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umm, im 15, and my mother always tells me that im the most beautiful person in the world, and i honestly know shes saying tthat just because shes my mom and she has to and iit kills me.. is she lying,, alsoo, i dont think im pretty so why would she?? i have no boobs, frizzy and non smoothe hair, and im kinda pale, and wears glasses.. i just want to know if she serious %-)


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Wow 2b's really back XD

Hey 2b I don't know what you look like but it doesn't really matter because you will be beautiful to someone. Do you know that some of the prettiest girls in the world think they're ugly?

One thing I've noticed in all the years I've been here is that a lot of girls I would give my left nut to get next to are not even attractive to many of my friends and many of the girls they think are to die for, I wouldn't get near. So it really IS all in the eye of the beholder.

So quit worryin about what you look like.

Self confidence is the most attractive thing you can have going for you and never let any guy push you around or get you to do something you don't want to.


aww well thanks fer responding agaain njoy!! i appreciatte it... but that is another thing i lack.... self confidence %-)